On names

On names

Some people have names that other people joke about a lot.

For instance, if you have the same name as a famous celebrity.

Or the same unusual last name.

Or a vaguely similar last name.

Or a name that sounds like a pun.

Or a name that’s sort of similar to a swear. Or a word that sounds like a swear if you’re 7 and aren’t allowed to say real swears.

These jokes aren’t very funny, and they are *especially* unfunny when they’ve been repeated hundreds of times. Anyone with that kind of name has heard jokes about it many, many times, and is probably sick of it.

So if you meet a new person with that kind of name, don’t comment on it, because commenting on it is likely to annoy them and unlikely to do anything good. (But if they make a joke about it, it’s ok to be amused).