NB: This is *not* something I consider to be basic morality. It’s something that I think is a worthwhile habit of mind for people who can manage it.

When I’m running late, I get impatient. I get angry at people for being in my way.

Except when I remember not to.

Because it’s not the fault of the old guy walking slowly with a cane that I left late for work. That’s something I did, not him. And being all impatient at him won’t cause me to be on time, but it does make the world a crueler place for people who move slowly.

Getting annoyed at the crowds of people who are in my way when I’m running late doesn’t help either. Neither does anxiously worrying over whether the train will come on time, and whether the lights will be with me, or anything like that.

Going around being angry at stuff like that doesn’t help, because being annoyed and worried doesn’t actually make stuff more likely to work out well. Punishing myself for being late by mentally berating myself for failing to be on time doesn’t help either.

Keeping that in mind can help, because it can make it easier not to freak out, and to pay attention to the things that I actually can control. And that makes me happier.

I think it is worth trying, for people who can manage it. (But NOT something to beat yourself up about being unable to do).