How ramps can be inaccessible

Anonymous asked: 

I agree with you. I’d just like more information so I can understand it better and imagine it more clearly. How exactly do the people with strollers make the ramps inaccessible to wheelchair users? Do they also make the ramps inaccessible to other stroller users? Or is using a wheelchair on a ramp a lot more difficult than using a stroller on a ramp? Do the wheelchair users need a lot of space? How much? Do they need to use momentum? How can you tell if someone wants to use the ramp?

realsocialskills said:

There are a few ways this can happen that I know of:

  • The ramp is so popular with stroller users that it’s always crowded with them and wheelchair users still have trouble getting in
  • Parents pushing kids in strollers often like to chat with other parents, and often position themselves such that they are in the way while chatting. 
  • Ramps that are wide enough for only one wheelchair user are sometimes wide enough for two strollers. That can mean that there are folks pushing strollers in both directors, and no room for a wheelchair user to get through, and waiting doesn’t help since people are going both ways.

But I assume there is a lot that contributes to this that I don’t know about, and I think a lot of y'all probably have better answers.

Anyone want to weigh in?