boundary violations in therapy

all-women-kick-ass asked realsocialskills:


do you know what particular boundary violations in therapy AREN’T considered unethical? because i am also studying to be a therapist and would very much like to avoid said boundary violations with future clients.

Boundary violations that aren’t considered unethical:

  • Teaching people not to trust their own judgment
  • Telling people their reservations about therapy are just a symptom of their disease
  • Equating wanting to stop therapy with wanting to give up on improving one’s life. Those things are different.
  • Insisting that people speak verbally or make eye contact as a precondition for working with them
  • Insisting that someone repeat details of sexual abuse over and over, even when they are coming to you for help with something largely unrelated
  • Threatening to have someone institutionalized if they stop taking medication
  • Ignoring someone’s concerns about medication side effects
  • Asking questions in a way that makes it impossible for someone to refuse to answer

Any others y'all know of?