anonymous asked:
do you have any tips on personal hygiene/showers for someone with both chronic pain/mobility issues and severe depression? often i shower the very least i can and still get away with it, it’s disgusting how long i’ve gone without showers just spotwashing in the sink and applying deodorant etc. i don’t understand what makes showers appealing to other people. all they do is put me in pain and take an immense amount of energy out of my day. this might be out of the reach of your blog though, sorry.

realsocialskills said:

I’m posting this mostly because I think many of y'all probably have advice on this.

A couple of things I can think of to suggest:

Is your soap hurting you?

  • For some people, certain kinds of soap and shampoo hurt
  • If you find showering painful and you’ve only tried one kind of soap, it might be worth trying another kind.

Is showering exhausting because standing is painful?

  • If so, using a shower chair might help
  • Or, if you have a tub, maybe sitting in the tub and using one of those flexible shower heads would work?

I don’t really know. Have any of y'all found solutions that make showering work for you, or that allow you to be clean without showering?