finding other disabled people in your area?

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How do I find other young disabled people in my area? I’m 22, in San Diego, not in school. Maybe I could find people in my area who are on Tumblr? is there a way to search for that?

I don’t know if universities tend to have resources/groups and if I could join them/who to ask, but I do live pretty close to UCSD. I feel that finding other people who are chronically ill, chronically in-pain, neuroatypical, to be friends with (irl) requires some skills that I don’t have, and I’m not even sure what they are.

realsocialskills said

Tumblr is probably not the best place to find people to hang out with in person, since it’s geared towards anonymous and semi-anonymous blogging based on interests.

Other social networking sites might work better. Some options:


  • Facebook tells you geographic information, which can make it easier to find people in your area
  • If you search for a condition you have, or chronic illness, or chronic pain, or neurodiversity, or anything like that, you’ll find groups
  • There may or may not be geographically specific groups in your area
  • Even groups that are not specific to your area can be useful for meeting people nearby

  • is a way to organize in-person meetups of people who share an interest
  • There might be already-existing disability-related meetup groups in your area
  • If not, it might be possible for you to start one 

University clubs might also be an option:

  • Some schools allow participation of non-students; some schools don’t
  • When schools don’t allow outsiders, clubs often let non-students participate anyway
  • If you find out about a group you want to check out, it’s likely that you’ll be able to participate
  • It can be hard to find out about what groups exist if you’re not a student
  • You can sometimes find out by googling or searching Facebook
  • Walking through campus and looking at fliers is sometimes a more effective way to find out what’s going on

Anyone else want to weigh in? How do you find an in-person disabled peer group?