5 quick things you should know about tagging



it might seem straight forward, but some of this is stuff I didn’t figure out until months after joining tumblr:

  1. tags with dashes in them will not work as a tracked tag. so if your URL has a dash in it you won’t be able to track your own tag. the same goes for if you’re using tags for archival purposes on your own blog.
    your best bet is to come up with something else your friends can tag you with if you want to keep track of asks/responses/etc.
  2. on any blog if you add “/tagged/whateveryouwant” to the end you can see everything that person has tagged with that.
  3. if you tag a reblog it will not appear in the main tag. only original posts go in the trackable tags.
  4. if you post something then edit the tags to add more, the post still won’t show up in those new tags. make sure you have all your tags in order before you post.
  5. and the big one that most people don’t know: only the first 5 tags are relevant when making a post: any other tag you add will not go in the trackable tag. however they are still good for personal archiving purposes, etc.

#4 is wrong— there’s a small window of time (not sure how long) after posting when you can still change tags and your post will show up. i’ve done it several times before