A note about asks

I like getting asks. They make a lot of things way easier to write about.

You don’t have to worry about triggers; it’s ok to ask about anything you’re trying to figure out that’s within the scope of this blog. Being triggered from time to time is an occupational hazard of the work I’m doing, and that’s ok with me. (And in any case, I’m not triggered by simple mentions of abuse or ableism or the like.)

I read all the asks, and I try to figure out ways to answer them (except the hostile ones. I usually ignore those).

I can’t always answer, because I can only write about things I think I know something about. Also, often the things I can answer I have to think about very slowly. Sometimes I have to wait until I’ve learned something new.

If I don’t answer your ask, it’s not because you offended me. It’s because I’m thinking about it and haven’t found anything that I can say yet.

I’m just this one person, and I only know certain things, and translating what I do know into words can take a long time.

Please continue to send me asks. They’re really helpful.