A reason profile pictures might be important

aura218 answered your question: tempusfidget asked realsocialskills:… Do you…I almost unfollowed you the other day b/c no pic looks like an inactive account. It doesn’t have to be a pic of you at all, anything is fine.

Huh, I could see that. Perhaps I’d better figure something out, then.


  • If I’m going to set a picture, it should probably be something specific to this blog and not a stock image
  • I want it to be welcoming
  • I don’t want it to suggest that only certain kinds of people are allowed to read this blog (some people have worried about appropriation)
  • I don’t want it to look like me or reveal off-topic things about me
  • I don’t want it to look like something associated with an ideology, or a religion, or a political group (including views I agree with, because it’s off-topic)
  • I should probably avoid imagery associated with schools, institutions, therapy, or other things likely to be triggering
  • It probably shouldn’t be cute (which is too bad, because squishables make great profile pictures)
  • It *definitely* shouldn’t have any puzzle pieces