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Hey - about your post on buying things/pushy sales people: I just got a new job, and during training, they taught us how to “ask questions that can’t be answered with yes/no”, and ways of saying things in different ways in order to keep people from walking away. This made me uncomfortable, as I’m someone who likes to shop without a sales person ever talking to me. But at this store they want us to practically force us to become best friends and use detective work to find products to fit

to find a product for every person that comes in. Everyone must be greeted, showered with praise and not allowed to go without suggestions. This terrifies me as a shopper. But also terrifies me as a sales person, because *anyone* could secretly be from corporate, trying to see if they didn’t get greeted or showered with questions. I just wanted to put the “heads up” out there for others, that stores are actively doing this now

Yes. Some stores intentionally train people to manipulate and pressure potential customers.

Refusing to cooperate with it isn’t rude. (But treating the salesperson as though they are personally responsible for the policy is. If someone’s treating you this way in a large store, there’s a good chance that it’s not their fault.)

sales is evil

this is one of the many reasons why

This isn’t new; most big department stores train their sales staff this way, and have for years. I used to work for David Jones here in Australia (kind of like….Macy’s? Not sure, it’s like a middle to high end department store), and we were trained both off and on the floor intensively using the “five star system”. Basically you are taken through a specific order of things you have to do for each customer when they walk in; greet them first, and then within two minutes of being in the store you have to approach them and ask them a question that can’t be answered with yes or no (as somebody already said). You have to keep pushing that until you get them to the counter and they’re buying something.

What happens if someone answers the question by saying “No thanks, I’m just looking”, even though it’s a question that doesn’t have a direct yes-or-no answer?