Accepting compliments that don’t mean much to you

Anonymous said to realsocialskills:

I’ve recently been talking about my body image issues on my blog, and some of my friends have contacted me to tell me that I’m pretty and that I shouldn’t feel bad about myself. It doesn’t make me feel better (or worse), but it’s a nice sentiment, so I want to thank them, but I don’t want to give either a “thanks for the input” canned response or a fawning “omg thank you so much ❤❤❤” fake response. How can I accept these comments politely, especially if it’s in real life and not online?

Realsocialskills said:

It’s fine to just say “thank you” or “thank you for saying so” in a simple way. Simple compliments don’t need a complicated response. It’s perfectly polite to just say thank you. 

You could also, if you like, be a bit more specific. Eg “Thank you for reading” or “thank you for your support.” But it’s not necessary. “Thank you” is fine on its own. 

If it *was* helpful, you could also say so, eg “Thank you, I really needed to hear that today”. But you don’t need to say something like that, especially if it’s not true.

I wouldn’t say “thank you for your input”, unless the comments bother you and you would like them to stop. Statements like “Thank you for your input” and “I’ll think about that” tend to be polite ways of saying “That was unwelcome, and I don’t want to discuss that topic.” (It’s also totally ok to dislike their compliments, even if you appreciate the sentiment. You don’t have to like everything that is well intentioned).

If the compliments don’t make you feel better (or worse), and you want to express that you appreciate the sentiment, I think the best way is probably to just say “thank you”.