High school graduation


My daughter graduates from high school in a month. She has Aspergers and had many challenges but managed to do well academically. However, she didn’t feel that the school dealt well with her. She is happy to close the door on that part of her…

affectivefallacy said:

I really like this response, that idea about what the ceremony would mean to her sounds spot on, at least because I can relate to it. Luckily I transferred to a school I came to love my senior year, but for a while it looked like I might have been graduating from a different school and the idea of participating in a graduation there made my skin crawl, because I did not want what was such a huge milestone for me….going on to the next phase of my life, succeeding through a long struggle in school, -getting out of there-….to be marked by that places ideas of what a great institution they were, that they had built me up or prepared me at all, and that THEY were worth celebrating as much as me. No thank you.

I probably would have gone through with it, but I would have wanted to cancel it out with a proper, true celebration with my friends and family afterwards.