The Reblogging Machine: When food is too hard



Related to the remembering food exists thing, do you have any advice for what to do when your depression is making preparing food seem so hard that you’d nearly prefer to just go hungry?

Slow cookers are good too! Prep veg and portion it, keep in the freezer if you want, add some carbs, beans or whatever, meat if you want (not frozen) and don’t worry about it until it’s time to eat.

I’ve heard good things about slow cookers, but have yet to figure out how to make that work.

Slow cooker for low energy people:
peel skin off onion. slice of ends. cut in half. put in slow cooker.
Put chicken/beef/vegitable/whatever your stock of choice is in the slow cooker. Typically go to just the top of the onion.
Toss in any veg you like mushy.
Salt & pepper a pot roast or other large hunk of meat
If you have the time/energy, brown roast in pan. If you don’t, skip this. It will still be yummy.
Put roast on top of your onions. They will hold it mostly out of the stock.
Put on lid. turn on crock pot. ignore crock pot for HOURS*
about an hour or so before you will eat, toss in any veggies you only like a little mushy.
if you have the energy, use a stick blender (or regular) and some corn starch or flour to turn the stock, onions, and any way-to-mushy-to eat veggies into gravy!
eat, then put leftovers in fridge.

*if you are prone to forgetting about your food while cooking, make sure you have a crock pot that will auto-switch from cooking to “keep warm”. If you’re using the 12 hour setting it won’t be a huge deal, but you may overcook things if you’re using one of the faster cooking settings. This doesn’t matter much with a pot roast but might if you were making a cream soup or something.
On a non-pot roast topic, quinoa is great for make-ahead meals. I make about 2 cups at a time. You need to pay attention while toasting it, but once the stock is in it needs less attention than rice (imo) and it tastes good cold, so if I put it in single-serving tupperware containers then I can just pull it out of the fridge and eat immediately.

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