December 8th 2013, 9:05:00 pm · 6 minutes ago
yeah it was in response to me I believe. I do have aspergers my question was more because Ive had a tendency for doctors to overlook the effects of aspergers on test results, just for specific example I saw a gyno and then an endo for exhaustion and both diagnosed me based largely on slightly high testosterone levels which is something that’s relatively common in women on the spectrum, and stopped looking beyond that (eventually I was diagnosed with something else). And (cont)
And it seems like it could have been avoided, or a lot less time could have been wasted, if I’d seen doctors who were more familiar with autism. Sorry is this doesn’t make sense I was trying to keep it short cause the ask limit freaks me out. Basically in my experience lack of experience with autism has caused issues with medical treatments for unrelated issues.
realsocialskills answered:
I’m not sure which post you mean but:
I definitely agree that lack of medical knowledge related to autism is a big problem. There are a lot of ways in which autism can complicate medical treatment, and it would be helpful if doctors had good knowledge of this. AASPIRE has been doing some research aimed at addressing some aspects of the problem. I hope something comes of it, because a LOT of us are getting needlessly bad medical care.
Autism expertise is very much a real thing, and almost all autistic people have far less access to it than we need. People with the reputation of being autism experts *should* be people we can go to for this, but they usually aren’t.