Hi, this is for the person who posted about getting stuck in feedback loops of negativity. I have depression and that happens to me a lot. One thing that has helped me is writing in colorful sticky notes and putting them all over my room,…

alexfienemann said:

Going to try this.  What a great idea!

I am a teacher.  I got a lovely email from a parent once, and she CC’d my principal on it.  This was during an especially trying time for the school and for education in general.  He told me to print it out, keep it in my drawer, and look at it whenever I felt frustrated with my students or parents or whatever.  A lot of teachers do this - keep notes and reminders of how good they are at their job, because while teaching is wonderful, there can be very very bad days and it is very easy to get into a negative feedback loop because you are responsible for so much and take care of so many young lives.

I know, kind of a TL;DR, but I thought it pertained. ^^