Nice Lady Therapists



Content warning: this post is about physical and emotional harm done to people (especially children) with disabilities by (mostly) female therapists. Proceed with caution.

This is a hard post to write. It’s about abuse. It’s about a kind…

alice-stewart-blues said:

Okay.  I see the same thing done by receptionists in doctors’ offices, this patronizing attitude when they are clearly trying to put you off but doing so with a phony smile and breeziness that belies the fact they are trying to get rid of you and as soon as possible.  Not to condemn them too much, though, because I know they are sometimes overwhelmed and having to deal with hundreds of people per week, but if we could all just be trained to deal with each person as humanely as possible, giving him or her our full attention when we are dealing with each of them and not bringing into the mix any preconceived and perhaps bigoted perceptions, then all would be well in a perfect world.  Alas, all we can do is to bring this sort of thing to everyone’s attention.

realsocialskills said:

What I’m talking about goes beyond that kind of level of condescension.

Therapy is intimate in a way that dealing with a mean receptionist isn’t.

Condescending receptionists want you to feel bad about yourself and leave them alone.

Nice Lady Therapists want you to feel bad about yourself in a way that draws you closer to them. They want you to feel grateful and praise them. They want you to think they’re amazing and wonderful and saving you, and that even the painful and humiliating things they do to you are ultimately wonderful.