Also I just read a quote that I disagree with.


It said basically, “In a healthy relationship, all communication is respectful.”

That’s… not true.

In a healthy relationship, most communication is respectful.

However, even people in healthy relationships have fights.  And people, during fights, are usually not 100% respectful to each other.  In a healthy relationship people do not become abusive during fights, but neither do they necessarily stay totally respectful of each other.

This is something I had to learn.

I didn’t understand that even friends have fights and that people can get a bit mean or angry during fights.  I thought that every time I had a fight with a friend, it meant the friendship was over, or potentially over.  Because I had no model for a healthy friendship, and really didn’t understand fighting in the context of healthy relationships.

So… no.  Not all communication in a healthy relationship is respectful.  Most of it is.  A lot of it is.  But not all of it.  And that’s not a horrible thing.  It’s just how people work.