An interesting theory about support



I don’t think this always works. But it is interesting and works sometimes. Not always obvious which circle someone is in. Sometimes it is complicated. Sometimes people do need support in mutual ways even if they are in different circles. This isn’t actually a simple rule that can be applied mechanically. But I think it does have some value.

What do y’all think?

squareroot-1 said:

I think this is important as a concretization of things I otherwise had enough of a feeling for to feel, but not enough of one to know what it was. And it’s a good reminder to be aware of this issue, even if this isn’t always the solution.

I think it can also draw attention to a problem that can come in the opposite direction - when people know they shouldn’t complain to more ‘inner’ people, but then take that as them needing to ignore their own feelings entirely, that they don’t get to have help for them because their feelings aren’t as severe as the inner person’s problem. 

And that can cause a lot of harm.

realsocialskills said:

Agreed on both points.