An opinion on autism disclosure


Should I tell my roommates I’m autistic?


I’m an autistic student who’s starting college next fall. I’m wondering if I should tell my roommate(s?) about it first, or if this will affect the way they think of me. I like to think that I can “fit” in normally with everyone, but I might…

chavisory said:

I would hold off with disclosure until you actually know your roommates, know if you like them, and whether you trust them.  Those things may not be the case.  Or it may just be that they’re fine people but you’re not close enough friends that you feel like they need to know.  Sometimes roommates wind up really close friends, and sometimes they don’t and that’s fine.

I had roommates in college that I would have told if I’d known, and I had ones that I definitely would not have, but there was no way to tell which was which until I’d spent some time around them.

But I wouldn’t do any disclosing until you’ve met your roommates and at least have a sense of who they are.  The stigma and the popular misinformation surrounding autism is just incredible, and I think, if they know you’re autistic before they know you, you risk them coming into the roommate situation with a lot of pre-conceived, stereotype-based notions about you forefront in their minds, and you don’t need that.