lacommunarde answered your question “Trick or treat ettiquite in the US”

How do you do Halloween etiquette with apartments? I don’t want to put out a bowl of candy and have it end of all over my hall.

realsocialskills said:

If you want to opt out entirely, you can turn your hall light…

andreashettle said:

An FYI, most apartment buildings that I’ve ever been in do not have a way for residents to control any of the hall lights. Hall lights stay on permanently, 24-7, similar to the way that street lights in urban areas are on all night.  Residents only control the lights inside their own apartment. So there usually isn’t a way for residents to use hall lights to signal anything to anyone.  Maybe it is different for very small apartment buildings (I’ve never lived in one, only large ones), I don’t know.

If there is staff in the building, then they might put out a notice nearer to Halloween on what etiquette for the building is, or you can ask them at the front desk.

But, yeah, kids spilling candy as far as I know is not a typical thing unless someone knocks it over by accident.

realsocialskills said:

Thank you. I didn’t know that about apartment buildings - in the area I grew up in, the apartments did have lights people could turn on and off, and that’s how people signaled whether they were participating in trick or treat.