When sound words take over and hurt


I hate sound words. They hurt so bad. People do sound words and they keep doing them for hours. They never stop it. I put my hands on my ears. They don’t like that because it’s innappropriate.
The only way I can stop the sound words is hit my head so I hear…

andreashettle said:

Would sign language help at all? I know that won’t help in all circumstances because obviously you can only use sign language if

1. You learn signs that are useful for you, AND,

2. Are with someone who will understand your signs and know enough signs to sign things to you at least some of the time

And most people don’t know any sign language at all. But if sign words hurt any less than sound words, then one option would be to seek out people who sign, including deaf people or people with other disabilities (autism, intellectual disabilities) who might also sometimes learn a few signs.  Or see if some of your closest friends or family are willing to learn at least a little sign language for use with you.

The best way to learn sign language is usually to be around people who are using sign language a lot.  And taking a class in sign language can also help.  (This should ideally be with a deaf professor or someone else who has been signing since birth or early childhood, though this tends to be more important for advanced sign classes and maybe less important for introductory sign classes. But whether the teacher is deaf or hearing, it is preferable to take sign classes from someone who has been specifically trained in teaching sign language as they may know better techniques for teaching sign language.) 

Or if these are not options, you can google for free videos of signs on line.  If you are not sure if sign words will hurt less than sound words, then maybe watching a few sign language videos can help you decide.

 Make sure you are looking at videos for the sign language in dominant use in YOUR country.  If you are in the U.S., you do not want to be learning British Sign Language! Or vice versa!  (Because, yes, these are VERY different sign languages, people who only know ASL will NOT understand BSL or vice versa.)  American Sign Language (ASL) is used in both the U.S. and in English-speaking parts of Canada, but NOT in the UK (BSL), Australia (Auslan), New Zealand, or most other countries.  The Quebec Deaf has their own sign language that is NOT the same as ASL or BSL, and is NOT the same as as the sign language used in France. And so forth.  Videos are not a perfect way to learn the grammar and syntax of sign language, but it still works MUCH better than trying to learn signs from a book.  Do not even try learning sign language from a book, it will not work.