I’m really interested getting a degree in Social Work…but I’m wondering how much math you need in order to get a degree. I know each school is different, but wouldn’t the amount of math you need be pretty much the same? I ask this because I…

annekewrites said:

YMMV. I am in Upstate New York, a recent MSW grad, and did a field placement that was mostly educational advocacy. Here is what I know: All public colleges in this state have a core curriculum requirement for math. One class at or above a certain level (intermediate algebra and/or statistics, I think) plus whatever “developmental” classes you need to get to that level. Most of those classes, the developmental ones, focus on “overcoming math anxiety” as part of the coursework. I have no idea how effective it is. You might be able to go around this requirement somehow in a private college with different “core” requirements. Or in some cases you can substitute a course in logic or computer programming or something like that for standard math. In my MSW program, I had ONE class with a small math component - a few weeks spent learning basic statistics and a requirement that they be used in the final paper and presentation. I don’t know if other programs require that.