A post for how to recognise flirting/romantic overtures would be really helpful. I’m neurotypical as far as I know, but have a huge amount of trouble deciphering social cues and noticing small details while talking to someone, because I’m having to devote too much focus to just having the conversation.

I’m not actually sure. I’m not very good at detecting flirting. A few things I do think I know:

  • Someone who is attracted to your gender and repeatedly calls you cute, attractive, sexy, or beautiful is most likely flirting with you
  • (Unless they’re doing it in response to you expressing insecurity about your appearance/attractiveness)
  • There’s a way people look at folks they’re flirting with that is a bit more intense than normal social looking at people. I don’t know how to explain that though
  • If things seem way funnier than usual, it might be a sign that flirtation is happening (not always. but it definitely can be)
  • If someone seems to want to touch you, it might be flirtation

I don’t know much else about recognizing flirtation. Do any of y'all?