December 8th 2013, 1:58:00 pm · 7 hours ago
I feel like your last post might have been in response to an ask I sent about “autism experts.” I don’t exactly have the privilege that my comment might have implied (I’m neither NT nor autistic), and I didn’t mean to be condescending or invasive. Just meant that, at least in the education system, things could improve. That’s all. I’m sorry.
Realsocialskills answered:
That post wasn’t in response to you; it’s been in the queue for a while. I think I somewhat disagree with what you said in your ask, but I wasn’t offended by it and it wasn’t in any way inappropriate to ask that.
This isn’t the kind of blog I was talking about, anyway - this is not a space specific to a marginalized group, it’s a public space applicable to anyone who finds it useful.