Hi! I was reading through your suggestions about dealing with the problem of dirty dishes and I was wondering if you had ever done a similar post about dealing with the problem of a messy or dirty living space when that seems overwhelming. If that’s something you think you have things to say about, I’m sure I’d find that incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for running this blog, it’s made such a difference for me!

realsocialskills replied:

I wish I could, but I’m terrible at this and I haven’t managed to figure out how to keep my living space anywhere close to clean.

Some people have told me that they find Unfuck Your Habitat helpful. I personally haven’t really been able to use it because of the tone – it’s kind of yelly and says things like “go fucking deal with it”, and that doesn’t work for me.

But it also has very specific practical suggestions, so some people can use it.

Anyone else have suggestions?