I teach children and I don’t have much experience. Do you have any thoughts for how to interact with twins and make them feel respected as individuals? I can tell the girls in my class apart by their hair, but I sometimes mess up and blurt out the wrong name, and I can tell it hurts them. Any advice would be appreciated.

realsocialskills said:

That’s a really good question, and not something I have direct experience with.

I have a couple of guesses:

  • I wonder if it might help to make a bulletin board where all of the kids in your class could put a picture of themselves and something about their interests?
  • It seems to me that having something like that in the room might be a good reminder that you know that they are different people who like different things
  • What if you had *all* of the kids wear name tags? (I don’t know how logistically feasible that is, but I wish they would have done that in my school because I never once managed to learn the names of all the other kids in my class).
  • I think it’s important to apologize when you call them the wrong names, and not to get defensive about it if they'e angry or hurt. 

Beyond that, I’m not sure what to suggest

Do any of y'all have experience being a twin or teaching twins?