I’m sorry, but no. The last time I went to a therapist, she tried to refer me to a place where I would learn social anti-skills. Every other therapist before her was downright incompetent for one reason or another. Now I don’t trust therapists anymore and will probably never see one again.
realsocialskills said:
That’s a common problem, and it’s completely legitimate to want nothing to do with therapists ever. Therapists can a lot of harm, particularly to atypical people.
That said, I have seen people genuinely benefit from therapy for depression, so I know that it is an option that works for some people.
But I’ve also seen therapists hurt people very badly and impair their functioning, without doing anything considered professionally unethical. 
Therapy is not a magic cure-all, and it’s a high-risk option. It’s also game-changing in a positive way for people it works for. It’s a good idea for some people to try, and it’s important for other people to stay away. You have to trust your own judgement regarding which approach is right for you.