Is it unprofessional to not wear makeup? Because I have really bad sensory processing issues and wearing it is just super uncomfortable for me, especially eyeliner, but I have a job interview soon and I’m wondering if it would be best if I just tough it out for the duration of the interview and wipe it off immediately or…?
realsocialskills said:
That’s complicated. Makeup and other outward signs of gender conformity can help you to be perceived as professional.
It’s not an absolute requirement, though.
It’s also not all or nothing. I think the biggest thing that bothers people is visible acne, because it’s associated with being a teenager. So, for instance, you might use foundation to make your skin look smooth, but not use eyeliner since eyeliner really bothers you, and unlined eyes probably won’t bother an interviewer. 
If wearing makeup is going to make you extremely uncomfortable, it might be better for you to go without, even in practical terms. Interviewers don’t like it if you look visibly uneasy or on edge. Interviewers look at affect a lot. If you’re in pain from makeup, it will be harder to maintain the right affect.
Something that can help with coming off right to interviews is doing a practice interview with someone who knows how interviews work. This is particularly helpful if you have a friend who works for the same company or a similar one do the practice interview. Questions are easiest to answer if you’ve answered them before. It’s easier to maintain interview affect if you’re comfortable answering the likely questions.
Do any of y'all have thoughts about makeup and interviews?