Not to seem rude, but do you have a spesific timetable for answering asks? And for that matter, do you have a spesific ask tag? (that last one is just me being lazy, sorry, I’m having an off day.

I don’t have a specific timetable for answering asks, no. It would not be possible for me to have one.

I can only write about things I know something about and know how to explain. Some asks I don’t know answers to right away; sometimes I know something to say months later; sometimes I never figure it out.

And I have to have time to write, which is not always the case.

I have 195 posts in my draft pile. Some days I suddenly am able to finish lots of them all at once, but it’s not predictable.

I read and think about every ask I receive, but there’s no predictable timetable for answers.

Asks are tagged “asks”. When they’re not anon, they’re also tagged with the url of the asker.