Well, you wanted a ask c:(I’m typically not good at thinking things up XD) so what inspired you to make this blog ^_^? Like how’d you come up with the idea and such.
I started increasingly noticing things that follow a certain pattern. I think this is the first one I noticed explicitly:
  • Some guy gives a talk on how important social skills are
  • And how people need to learn to interact with each other
  • Then goes on and on about how important eye contact it
  • And then says text doesn’t count, because it’s impossible to communicate nuance or emotion or tone in text
  • So, my shaky grasp of eye contact is a failure of social skills, but his complete inability to understand text-based communication isn’t?

And so I noticed - only certain things get called social skills. That some things that aren’t actually useful skills at all get called social skills. Sometimes things people are taught in the name of social skills are actively anti-helpful.

And that there are a whole lot of things about human interaction that are worth knowing that don’t seem to get talked about much. So I decided to start talking about the things I think I know.