Why kind of comments to your entries would cause you to block someone? I want to make sure I’m respectful. Sometimes I say things that are rude when I don’t mean to
realsocialskills answered:
Don’t worry about it. Rudeness doesn’t bother me.
The things that do bother me are a bit hard to describe, and generally speaking not things I think anyone is obligated to avoid.
(I’m also reluctant to describe what triggers me in detail because I think that’s likely to result in trolls sending lots of triggering things to my inbox on purpose. Because that’s what trolls do.)
I don’t block people very often, and it’s very unlikely that anything you do will be a problem for me. And if it is, that doesn’t necessarily mean it was wrong for you to say it - it can just mean that I’m not in a place to hear it right now.
So, say what you need to say.