Anonymous said to realsocialskills:

for the autistic person interested in kitchen work

If you’re in US there’s the Recipe For Success program which trains unemployed/underemployed people in prep cook skills and certifies them in Restaurant Management (it is NOT a course on how to get a pity job sweeping floors for min wage). 

To warn you though- Im autistic, dreamed of being a chef, found the course humiliating/frustrating, did not want 2b chef after. There’s a lot of teamwork, which can be hard if you are bad at reading other other people and anticipating what people want from you (the best thing you can do is make friends with the group so they will help you, otherwise you’ll never understand what’d going on). 

My instructors were also big on Taking Initiative, don’t know if other teachers would be but mine invented the entire national program so…if you need structure in order to know what to do, that might be a problem. I also found the strong smells to be an issue. But that’s me and my personality.