If someone has a Nothing To See Here page up on tumblr, what interaction is it appropriate to engage them? I assume it’s not okay to just follow them, but is it alright to send them a message asking to follow them? Or send a message like you would to someone without that page up?
realsocialskills said:
For people who don’t know:
Nothing To See Here is a Tumblr theme that makes it so that when someone clicks on your blog or one of your posts, all they see is an ask box and “move along, nothing to see here”, sometimes with a gif.
This makes it harder for people who aren’t following you to read your posts.
I agree that it’s definitely not ok to just follow them. I think it’s ok to send an ask asking to follow them. But not repeatedly.  
And I think the ask needs to say more than “can I follow you”
Eg: “Hi. People I follow seem to reblog a lot of your posts about the ethical implications of cats chasing laser pointers. That’s a subject I’m really interested in. Would it be ok if I follow?”
I don’t think it’s ok to just send them messages as though they don’t have that theme up. Because, if it’s there, there’s probably a reason, and you might scare them if you don’t acknowledge the boundary implied by using that theme.
What do y'all think?