You’ve been making a lot of posts specifically about sj criticisms all of a sudden, did something happen???
realsocialskills said:
It’s not in response to a particular incident; it’s just an artifact of how my writing process works. I tend to post a lot of things in a row on related subjects.
I have a draft pile about 500 posts deep. Some of them are half-written, some of them are vague outlines, some are a word or two. I work on them all more or less simultaneously. When I can make them coherent enough to make sense outside of my head, I put them in the queue.
It can take a while for a draft to turn into a coherent post. Often, I find the words for a bunch of related posts all at once.
When I have a lot of things in the queue, I rearrange the order so that it’s not too many posts on one thing at once.
Lately, I’ve been extremely busy and so I don’t have so many posts in the queue. That’s worked out to meaning posting a couple of things on the same topic.