Appearing sane to mental/medical health people

Some things to know:

If you’re perceived as unhygienic, it’s likely that you will also be perceived as being dangerously depressed. (This is especially true if you are perceived as female). In order to avoid this, it helps to do the following thing on the day you see them, before you see them:

  • Brush your teeth
  • Shower
  • Comb your hair if it is a length that tangles
  • Wear clean clothing that isn’t wrinkled
Not making eye contact is also likely to be perceived as low-functioning depression, or evasiveness, or being overcome with shame, or just generally not thinking or functioning well. So, these things can help some:
  • If you can make eye contact, even occasionally in the interaction, it’s helpful to remind yourself to do so
  • If you can’t, faking it by looking at their nose or chin can help
  • if you can’t do that either, looking up in their general direction periodically can help