arranging meetups


So since I’ve been home from uni I’ve not seen a single friend. I am trying to arrange a meetup with someone I’ve not seen in years but am not getting much from her end. I was going to contact another but then her mother was taken to hospital so I’ve left her alone for now (though hopefully her mother will be out tomorrow so depending on how she is my friend might be up for socialising).

Is it too casual to put a post on fb saying “gonna be in *hometown* for another month anyone fancy a meetup?” or do I need to contact individuals directly?

realsocialskills said:

I’m guessing from your language that you are in the UK. If so, I’m not sure I will have good advice on the conventions in your area - I’m mostly familiar with American use of Facebook.

In the circles I travel in, posting that kind of post would be completely socially acceptable. It would also be acceptable to tag people in it who you would like to see.

That said, doing it this way might not be particularly effective. You might have better results if you also contact people directly. You also might have better results if you make a Facebook event to try to arrange a gathering at a particular time:

  • It helps if it’s of the form “Let’s get together at [place we like to go] at [time people are likely to be free].
  • Eg: Let’s go to the bar next week on Saturday night.

What do y'all think? What are good ways to use Facebooks to arrange to meet up with friends while you’re in town?