Ordering food when you have dietary restrictions


What is the right way to ask over-the-counter-food selling people about the food? I keep having the problem where I ask things (like, what is in…

asmileisamask said:

I find that smaller businesses are more helpful than big chain restaurants, vegetarian cafés more helpful than non-specialty cafés, and anything in a health food shop is generally the best.

In my town, I’ve only ever found one place that hasn’t given me the wrong food/drink. It’s a little vegetarian café that caters to vegans as well, and the ladies that run it are the kindest and friendliest people I’ve ever met.

They put a chocolate-coated hazelnut on the spoon when you get a coffee, and the first time I went I carefully asked what it was. They told me and I said nervously that I was allergic. She immediately said she’d get me a different spoon. Ever since, I’ve never gotten one on my spoon and I’ve never had to mention it again.

When I order soy, I get soy. Every single time.

I see some posts on here that concern me, about people switching low-fat and soy for regular milk. I’ve lost count of how many times my drink has come out with regular milk, but it’s often enough that I sniff, take a wary sip, and if it’s not soy I spit it into my water glass before informing the wait staff that I was given the wrong drink.