Trick or treat ettiquite in the US


In most areas in the US, it is traditional for children to go trick-or-treating on the evening of Halloween (October 31st). This means that they put on a costume and go door to door asking for candy.

If you put up Halloween decorations, or you have your porch light on, people will assume that you…

autmystic said:

In some areas of the country, different towns will schedule trick-or-treating for different days. So one town will have trick-or-treating on the 29th, one will do it on the 30th, and one will do it on the 31st. (I personally don’t like this custom, because what makes Halloween special if you’re going trick-or-treating on some other day of the week? But I guess it’s so kids can go trick-or-treating in different towns on different days, maybe?) If you live in an area that does this, you can usually Google something like “[your town] trick or treat [current year]” to find out what day (and what hours during that day - usually a couple of hours during the evening) trick-or-treating is scheduled for.