avoiding triggers in movies



Commonsensemedia.org has a movie review section that I use to find out more about movies if I’m worried about being triggered. I guess it could stand to say that some of the reviews may be triggering depending on the person. For ex, you may find out why the movie is considered violent/bloody (in a very concise manner as far as I’ve seen) if you read on in the description. It is really nice if you are not a parent/guardian and has a discussion part along with the review.
realsocialskills said:
Thank you, that sounds like a really useful resource.

clawfoottub said:

That’s good, especially considering the problems MovieTriggers has had. They’re trying to take care of it, though. 

realsocialskills said:

The other problem with Movie Triggers is that it’s mostly oriented towards identifying movies that *contain* triggers. That’s helpful if you want a heads up about a particular film, but not necessarily if you’re actively looking for something safe to watch. Commonsense Media is oriented towards finding suitable things to watch as well as avoiding unsuitable things, so it can be more helpful.