Social skills for autonomous people: Things that are better than not communicating


Here is a short list of things that are sometimes trained out of people at all costs.

Some are good, some are bad, some are neutral. All of them are better than not communicating:

  • Yelling
  • Screaming
  • Being rude
  • Speaking with odd syntax
  • Depending on technology
  • Using technology even when…

“Telling stories rather than directly explaining what you’re talking about" - my style of communication, in a nutshell.  I often feel like I have to convey the entire thought process I went through in order to best explain my point – because how are you supposed to understand what I’m saying if you don’t understand the process I used to understand it? – and it’s so frustrating when people interrupt me to demand I get to the point or to demand to know what "are you trying to say here?”.  I know it can be tedious and seem completely beside the point, but if I’m not allowed to finish, I literally can’t express myself any other way.  It’s like all I’ve got is this one script and it’s vitally important that I run it all the way through…otherwise it’s just the humming blank in my head.