By request: more examples of personal piety that cause harm when they're treated as basic morality

Modest dress: Some people are careful to dress modestly according to specific rules as a matter of personal piety (for religious reasons or otherwise)

This can be a good thing, but it’s harmful when people treat it as a standard of basic morality and consider people who don’t follow it depraved.


Piety: A woman choosing not to wear above-the-knee skirts.

Damaging imposition on others: Saying that women who wear shorter skirts are sluts with no self-respect.

Boycotts: Sometimes people boycott businesses because they donate money to bad causes or otherwise do bad things. Boycotting can be a good thing to do. Treating every boycott as a matter of basic morality hurts people, especially when it’s a business catering primarily to poor people who can’t actually afford to boycott it.


Piety: Boycotting Goodwill because of how they treat employees with disabilities.

Damaging imposition on others: Treating people who shop there as though they’re personally responsible for those policies, even if they are poor and *can’t* shop anywhere else.

Analyzing media, pointing out its problems, and abstaining from media with certain problems: It itself, this is often a good thing. It’s important that people do this. But it becomes a bad thing when it’s held up as a basic standard and people who like that media are treated as moral offenders. 


Piety: Refusing to watch any more movies staring a particular actor because he said the r-word in his most recent film.

Damaging imposition on others: Treating people who still watch that actor’s movies, or even the offending movie, as though they personally call people the r-word themselves and are personally responsible for violence against people with intellectual disabilities.

Activism and community service: Some people make focusing on solving certain kinds of social problems the primary focus of their lives. That’s good. We need people to do that. But we also need people to do other things. It’s not good when people act like activism is the only valid or important form of human activity.


Piety: Spending the majority of your time doing literacy work as community service, and lobbying for better education policy as activsm.

Damaging imposition on others: Having contempt for people who focus on other things (for instance, a medical researcher who mostly does that), and getting angry at them when they are not deeply familiar with your terminology and the policy problem in the way that you are.