Something that can make a difference in religious services



If you’re leading services in a church, synagogue, or other place of worship. Or leading the pledge of alliegance or some other situation of telling people to stand up.

“Please rise if you are able” can be a good thing to say.

Because some people can’t or shouldn’t stand. And it’s good to…

annekewrites said:

Thanks for saying this.  I was at a funeral for a disability rights activist.  Many of those who attended were wheelchair users, and the officiating priest still said, “ALL RISE!”  It really left a bad impression.

canadiaplease said:

I really like any variation of “please rise if you are able” and have noticed in recent experiences that some places have it as common practice.

realsocialskills said:

Also, don’t assume you know who can/should stand by looking. Not everyone who needs to remain seated through a service is a wheelchair user.