Is it unprofessional to not wear makeup? Because I have really bad sensory processing issues and wearing it is just super uncomfortable for me, especially eyeliner, but I have a job interview soon and I’m wondering if it would be best if I…

chavisory said:

It can really, really depend on the industry.  There are ones where makeup use is really expected, and there are ones where it isn’t at all, and there are even individual businesses within industries that usually expect it, that don’t, because they’re trying to cultivate a different image/culture.

If you really need to, you could probably find a concealer or powder that’s light enough you’d barely be able to feel it.

In formal situations where I really do need to wear it (uh, literally fewer than 3 times in the past 5 years, mostly weddings), I use a really light powder foundation just to smooth out my complexion, eye shadow, minimal blush, and lip tint, and that’s it.