On Tumblr, a lot of people seem to communicate happiness by exaggerated displeasure. Like, if a fic has made them sad or someone’s art is just *that good*, they’ll comment “SCREW YOU I DIDN’T NEED MY HEART ANYWAY” or something like that. But…

chordatesrock said:

To err on the side of clarity, I would suggest saying things that are more obviously not something you would say when actually upset. Something actually offensive will not “hit [someone] right in the feels”, for instance.

Context can help; if, for instance, your blog is ilovechordates and you reblog every biology-related comic you come across and routinely squee about the entire phylum of creatures that have a notochord at some point in their lives and how awesome they all are, and someone posts a video of an amazing interpretive dance that somehow clearly explains all the relevant taxonomy while making you question the idea of taxonomy itself, “SCREW YOU AND YOUR PERFECT VIDEO, HOW DARE YOU” would come off better than if you run the aforementioned blog and respond with sarcastic anger to a post about art history.

Also note that that example calls the video perfect. Slip some compliments into your sarcastic anger!

Consider tagging with something unambiguously positive like “amazing art” or “art recs” to clear up any confusion. Also bear in mind that something like “nope nope nope” or “SCREW YOU I DIDN’T NEED MY HEART ANYWAY” is vastly more appropriate in response to a sad piece or a piece with lots of sad dramatic irony (e.g., something about Rachel and Tobias dreaming of a future together after the war, since Rachel dies, or a gifset from the silly earlier seasons of a show that slowly turned sad and angsty) than in response to a happy piece.