Clarification regarding praise as a red flag





Obviously people don’t badmouth their organization to outsiders their organization is trying to recruit; doing so is unprofessional.

I’m talking about a different thing.

The thing where staff spend an extraordinary amount of time praising the organization and press people it serves to do so as well.

And in which it’s really hard to find any criticism *anywhere*, and where people are really forcefully saying how great it is, in a way that goes way beyond professionalism and recruitment spin.

Does anyone know a better way to describe the thing I’m talking about?

fogwithwheels said:

Non-official things should have varied responses.  The official website and official press releases and even media statements and discussions with individuals on a formal level usually have a standard they have to adhere to in order to put the organization in a positive light.  

But, this is not the day when communication only happens in official ways.  There is so much social media, and even just talking within the community, to friends, etc.  That information SHOULD vary.  Even at the best places, there’s usually someone who had a bad experience, and they usually want to talk about it.  No one hearing about that, not even one thing?

That’s a red flag

realsocialskills said:

Yes, that’s a large part of it.

There’s also a red flag to do with praise that’s detectable directly from the official materials, but I’m finding that one harder to describe.

yesthattoo said:

Praising the existence of facilities which would be *expected* in non-disabled non-elderly communities as somehow going beyond expectations. That’s one you can find in official stuff.

realsocialskills said:

Yes, that’s definitely one. There’s another one too, though.