Social skills for autonomous people: A method for understanding confusing lectures


Some teachers have a disorganized lecture style that’s difficult to follow.

One reason this can happen is if there’s like 5 things they want to talk about, but they don’t do it in an organized way. Like they keep moving from one topic to another, then back again.

For instance, in a class on…

cocksucking-accent said:

I used and loved OneNote (Microsoft Office) in college. It is bullet-based, and allows you to draw sketches (easier if you have a drawing tablet), and to export to PDF (which is then printable, or viewable on kindls and other e-book readers. You can share it with friends online, and categorize notes in a notebook>section>page system (say, Biology>Labs>Date).

I’ve used VUE (Visual Understanding Environment, freeware) for flow charts in the past. It’s not easily shared and takes a teeny but longer to format than I’d like, but it’s also exportable to PDF and allows for an infinite workspace in all directions (unlike Word, for example).