Any advice on Tumblr etiquette? Like, if an ask gets ignored, is it okay to send one later?

realsocialskills said:

I think it depends.

On this blog, absolutely it’s ok to send another ask later. My ability to write this blog fluctuates a lot, and sometimes seeing something again makes me able to write about it. 

And it’s often ok on other tumblrs too, especially since Tumblr tends to eat asks. But sometimes it’s not ok, so it’s good to be cautious about that.

A couple of things:

  • I think it’s rude to say things like “Why didn’t you answer my ask?!” in a follow-up ask. No one owes you an answer, and it’s invasive to imply that they do.
  • I think it’s ok to ask if your asks are bothering them or if they’re welcome, though
  • Sending several follow-up asks in quick succession to someone who has never answered you is likely to be seen as invasive, especially on a personal tumblr. (It’s ok on this one, though.)
  • Before you send an ask, it’s a good idea to check someone’s FAQ. A lot of blogs only welcome certain types of asks, or asks from certain kinds of people. (For instance, feminist blogs often do not welcome asks from men; POC-oriented blogs often do not welcome asks from white people.)
  • This is particularly the case if your initial ask was ignored - check the FAQ to see if there’s a reason it may have been unwelcome before you send another ask

There’s probably more to it than that. What do y’all think?

creppykeats said:

Note about the feminist blog: Most of the time feminist blogs don’t want stupid or disingenous questions from dudes. It’s not that they’re actively trying to push guys away, it’s just that yeah.

realsocialskills said:

That’s true. But there are some which do not welcome any questions from men whatsoever. Or that just don’t want to explain basic things all the time, even from sincere-but-clueless people.

It’s important to respect that.