Question for international readers



I am an American, and I often write from a very US-specific perspective.

I’m noticed that only a little over half of my site traffic is from US ip addresses, which means that a lot of y’all are from other places.

So I’d like to know - what are some…

culturestress said:

Second Canadian (with a lot of US experience as well) chiming in:

Be VERY careful when joking about French Canadians (basically, if you aren’t one, don’t): as a group, they face severe systematic discrimination. Not cool to poke fun. I wish folks in Kansas, where I live now, understood this.

Canadian French sounds very different from France French: rich, urban Montreal french is kind of equivalent to a thick Boston accent, but the more rural you get, the more impossible it is for a non-Quebecois (or, let’s face it: someone from central Montreal) to understand. If you make fun of/insult the way Quebec french sounds, then you are being a jerk.

American history, although generally available, is not currently required in Ontario high schools, and has not been for at least 9 years (source: current curriculum
which was in place when I started high school 9 years ago), but OP’s comments about the ‘typical’ Canadian’s knowledge of the US remain consistent with my experience.