dadn0 said: Question: is there a reason you worded it this way, with the explanation at the end, instead of just saying ‘vaginas’ and leaving it at that?

Yes. Some of the reasons are here

And also another reason:

Vagina is not actually a gender-neutral equivalent of “female genitals”, and I didn’t have any reason to think that “gash” specifically referred the the vagina. I just knew it was a misogynist genital insult.

Non-trans women have other sexual parts beyond just the vagina. Those parts matter. They’re not just vagina accessories or something.

Calling them all “vagina” implies that the vagina is the important part and everything else is secondary. I don’t want to contribute to that attitude. I think that attitude is harmful to anyone who has or might want to have any of the parts usually associated with being female.

(It’s not a coincidence that it’s really common for doctors to think that it’s vitally important for intersex babies to have a vagina, and not at all important that they retain the capacity for sexual sensation.)

There might be a better way to describe things than the way I described them (and I’d really like to describe this well because I don’t want to hurt trans* people), but calling all of those body parts “vagina” isn’t a solution.