Attention fellow photosensitives!

I’d like to take a moment to tell you all about what is now easily my favorite XKit add-on, Disable Gifs.

Disable Gifs is almost everything I could have wanted from a photosensitive accessibility add-on. It will:

  • Automatically stop gifs on your dashboard. This feature isn’t quite perfect, because it will only freeze gifs that are part of a photo post (meaning that you’re out of luck if someone adds a really flashy gif anywhere in the comment section, which is why non-photosensitive folk still need to please tag for this stuff), but it will definitely help with the majority of flashy things that will pass your dashboard.
  • Allow you to play individual gifs at will. Specifically, each photo post with an animated gif will have a “Play Gif” (see image) option at the bottom of it. Simply click on this to animate all of the gifs in a post. If you want to see a specific gif in a photoset, just click on that image to view it with Tumblr’s photo viewer, and it’ll pop up and play.
  • Easily stop gifs again once played. That gif a bit too much for you? You hate seeing it out of the corner of your eye? Just hit the “Play Gif” button again and it’ll stop.

Seriously, guys. My Tumblr experience is now so much better thanks to this add-on. Its main drawbacks are that it doesn’t stop gifs within the body of text and that it might slow down your computer, but I haven’t had any performance issues with this as of yet, and I’ve still found that it’s dramatically reduced how often I get triggery gifs on my dash. A+, would highly recommend.

To welcome this add-on into your life, first get XKit if you do not have it, and then go to your XKit “Get Extensions” tab, search for “Disable Gifs”, and click “install.”

Oh, and if you’re doing this during the holiday season, to turn off the annoying flashy Christmas lights, hit “Festivus Person?” in the lower right hand corner.